Canada truck attack: The deadly cost of endemic Islamophobia

Vehicle ramming in London, Ontario, is just the latest incident showing that Canada has much to unlearn and relearn about Islam. A man driving a pickup truck plowed into a Muslim family of five out for a Sunday evening stroll in the Canadian city of London, Ontario, in what police are calling a “premeditated” hate crime. A teenage girl and […]

Canada Revenue Agency profiling of Muslim charities may pose a national security threat

A recent report confirms the concerns of many Muslims about unfair treatment “Do you know any trusted person we can disburse our zakat (charity) through?” I am getting this a lot this Ramadan, as Canadian Muslims — like their coreligionists elsewhere — look for ways to distribute their charity as an act of worship. For […]

Faisal Kutty included in The Muslim 500: The Most Influential Muslims in the World

Faisal Kutty has been selected for the seventh consecutive year for inclusion in The Muslim 500: The Most Influential Muslims in the World (page 156) 2017 edition. The Muslim 500: The World’s Most Influential Muslims is an annual compilation published by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Institute and is affiliated with the Royal Aal al-Bayt […]

Time to overhaul Canada’s no-fly program

Article By: Faisal Kutty and Mustafa Jilani Published in the Toronto Star on Fri Jan 15 2016 As the U.S. backs away from no-fly lists, the Canadian one is becoming more secretive, sweeping and less accountable. In the wake of the 6-year-old caught in Canada’s no-fly web, the government has promised to examine changes to […]